Put & Take

Do you want to appoint or drop some Referees manually? One click to drop a Referee, One Click to appoint from a live targeted list.

Do you want to appoint or drop some referees manually? With MatchRef it's One-Click to drop a Referee, One-Click to appoint from a live targeted list.  Your referees are appointed in real time. No need to validation after the fact. No need to drag and drop from unvalidated pools.

There will always be manual appointments and adjustments.

MatchRef streamlines the 'Put & Take' process via our unique MatchPlan interface. You can quickly see who is appointed to which match. Referees can be locked in position or dropped with a single click.

When appointing a referee, you don't get everyone in the list. You only see those available referees who meet the selection criteria.

  • Not capable ? – they're not in the list...
  • Already appointed elsewhere ? – they won't show...
  • Can't reach the match in time ?
  • Unavailable ?

The selection criteria can be relaxed for manual 'put and take' but MatchRef will only show you a targeted list rather than everyone.