Intelligent Automation

MatchRef saves you time and reduces complexity using Intelligent Automation.

Can this referee be appointed to this match ? Should they be appointed ? There are many things to consider.

  • Capability of the Referee
  • ‘It’s a top of the table’ clash’ – I need the best Referee.
  • Is the referee already appointed elsewhere ?
  • Is the Referee already at the ground (e.g. playing a match) ?
  • Location of the match – is it in the referee’s ‘preferred area’ ?
  • Can the referee make it to the match in time ?
  • Recent refereeing history
  • Conflict of interest
  • Referee age considerations
  • Maximum officiating time
  • The referee and the team just don’t mix

 We designed MatchRef to record all these decision variables - so you don’t have to remember them. Then, we developed a sophisticated algorithm specifically designed to replace the manual appointments process. Sophisticated but flexible so you can decide how it runs. We added powerful features like :-

  • Automatic ‘adjacent match’ allocation of referees
  • ‘Box Set’ Allocations
  • Automatic unavailability when the Referee is coaching, playing or watching their children play.

 Using this algorithm MatchRef automatically finds and appoints the best official to each position. And it’s FAST ! In about the time it will take you to make a cup of tea or coffee, MatchRef will appoint officials to your matches for a whole day**. Now spend your time reviewing rather than doing. Sure, you can still appoint manually (we call it ‘put and take’) but let MatchRef do the heavy lifting for you. (Based on up to 200 matches per day).