New Analysis Reports

MatchRef have added a suite of powerful to the menu to allow analysis of your appointments history.

Match Coverage

How many matches are not covered by your association referees ? It seems everyone wants to know. From the association, to member clubs, and management committee.

To help you answer the questions MatchRef has added enhanced reporting options for referee coverage. With a few clicks in our simple and intuitive report interface you can now choose to display the information for each day or summarise by week or month or even by club, ground or grade. The daily summary even shows how many referees were unavailable that day.

Referee Activity

There are similar questions for referees. Who has officiated the most matches ? Who is pulling out of appointments ? Who can I rely on to cover a match at short notice ? Who is not showing up ?

Our new referee activity report can help you answer all these questions. Simply choose the date range you want and MatchRef will display the number of matches each of your referees has officiated, in which position and how often their appointments have changed after publication of appointments or after kickoff. You can quickly identify your star performers and those who may have some improving to do.

All the report information comes directly from your Matchref database. Simply ensure that Match Plan is kept up to date and you'll have all the information at your fingertips.

Dropped Referees

Using MatchPlan makes it simple and accurate to manually appoint referees or drop them from matches.

As you make those changes, sometimes you can't remember which referee you dropped from a match. Now, simply run the dropped referees report and it will list any referees who have been manually dropped from a match or dropped as a result of an automatic match update within the last 24 hours.

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