Recording Referee Qualifications

MatchRef has added new functionality to the recording and reporting of Referee qualifications.

All qualifications under the FFA Officiating Development Schedule have now been included in MatchRef.

When a referee attains a qualification the details and date of qualification can be entered directly into MatchRef.  MatchRef is able to display the highest current qualification the referee has currently attained.

A report is available at any time to identify any referees that require re-qualification.  You can also get a report showing the full history of a referee’s qualifications.

Football NSW have updated their Child Protection Policy.  It is now required that all coaches and persons aged 18 and above commencing a paid position working with children under the age of 18 must apply for their own Working with Children Check and obtain a WWC Number. 

WWC Number has been included in MatchRef as a referee qualification.  Once a referee obtains a WWC Number, then details can be entered as a referee qualification.

Referee reports have been updated to include to whether referees have a valid Working With Children Check or not.

MatchRef has the ability to check for qualifications as part of the allocation process.

These new features are available now in your MatchRef menu.  In then Master Files menu, look for the Add Referee Qualification option.   If your association has a file with existing qualification information in it, call us to assist you in uploading this information directly into MatchRef.

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